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Experience the heat

Active Volcano at Afar

Tour with one of the experience team to the hottest places on earth the "Dallol Depression" and view the active volcano "Ert Ale".


Kings Residence

See how the earlier kings and leaders leave in their castle. and experience the facilities of the castle and how they handle festival occasion within

TIMKAT Festival

Ethiopian Epiphany

TIMKAT is one of the biggest ceremonial events held in Ethiopia. The event attracts many tourist with its activities and way of celevration.

BALE Mountain

Southern trekking place.

Bale Mountain, it is known for being the best place for trekking activities for tourists. And also it is the home for endemic animals & Plants.

Holly paintings

Monastries around Lake Tana

Old religious paintings within monasteries and churches located at the northern part of Ethiopia specially around Lake TANA.

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Top Tourist Travel Inspirations

Everyone wants to travel to Ethiopia but with so many places to visit where do you start?
Take a look at our Top 5 Places To Visit.

People & Culture

Ethiopia is well known for its diverse ethnic groups and their unique culture and life style.
Here are some information useful for tourists to visit or experience during your visit to Ethiopia

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