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Meskel founding of the true cross

Meskel Festival (Celebrated in September), Registerd as a unique world heritage by UNESCO in 2014. The word actually means “Cross” and the feast commemorates the discovery of the true cross by the empress Helena, which Jesus Christ was crucified (the mother of Constantine the great). Actually the original event took place on 19 March,

A.D. 326, but the feast is now celebrated on 28th September.
Meskel Festival is the celebration of the finding of the true cross by Queen Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, in the 4th century. The festival centres on the legend that Queen Helena had a revelation in a dream. She was told to light a great bonfire and the smoke would reveal the resting place of the cross. Today the bonfire (demera) is erected in Meskel Square in Addis Ababa and is topped by daisies, sometimes known as Meskel flowers, in the form of a cross. Priests and worshippers circle the bonfire singing a special Meskel song before it is lit.
It also signifies the physical presence of the true Cross at the remote mountain monastery of Gishen Mariam located in the Welo region. During this time of year, vast bonfires are lit countrywide, the night before the celebration, and on the day itself there are dances and feasts for everyone. This festival also match with the mass blooming of the golden yellow meskel daisies called Adey Abeba in Amharic. People of all ages seen in the streets carrying fresh bunch of yellow flowers.

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