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Dallol & Ertale Tour P23ET

Awash River

Tour Package Name :      Denakel Depression
Package Code :      P19ET
Duration :      16 days / 15 night
Category :      Denakel Depression
Description :      Nights visit of the Ertaele Volcanic sites and Neighboring country Djibouti

Day 1. Arrive Addis Ababa, transfer hotel for O/N.

Day 2. Drive to Awash National Park. Afternoon, game drive in the park, visit the Awash River falls, some wild life and more. O/N camp, in the park.

Day 3. drive to Semera. Get here all needed permits for visiting the Danakil depression O/N camp.

Day 4. Drive to Afdera to visit the salt lake ‘Afrera’, O/N camp.

Day 5. Drive to Dodom or till the bottom of Ertale volcanic hill, one of the few active volcanic sites in Africa. Spectacular views from the top. At night trek. O/N camp.

Day 6. Early in the morning Walk to the Ertaele volcanic hill, Visit one of the few active volcanic sites in Africa. O/N camp.

Day 7. Early in the morning you will walk back to the cars, then drive back to Afdera.

Day 8. Drive to Semera. O/N Camping

Day 9. Drive to Djibouti and proceed to lake Easal for spectacular views. O/N camp.

Day 10. Continue to Tadjoura, old capital. O/N htl. Very nice beach and colorful town.

Day 11. Boat (or drive) to Djibouti. By boat is very nice for diving If in Djibouti, O/N Hotel

Day 12. Drive to Lake Abe for very nice views. O/N camp.

Day 13. Enter back to Ethiopia (multiple reentry visa can be obtained in Djibouti or other wise in Addis, on second day clients must spend one day more in Addis making tour and for permits. (Inform us which you prefer) and O/N Dire Dawa at Ras hotel.

Day 14. Drive Harar and visit of walls, mosques, French poet Rimbaud house, Adere people, markets, and more. Evening hyena-man performance. O/N hotel.

Day 15. Drive or fly back to Addis. O/N Hotel.

Day 16. City tour of Addis Ababa and evening departure.

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