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Bird watching tour P18ET


Tour Package Name :      Bird Watching Program
Package Code :      P21ET
Duration :      4 days / 3 night
Category :      Bird watching Tour
Description :      Bird Watching Tour Guide Program

Day 1. Drive to Debre-Libanose Monastery via Sululta plain. It is a wonderful place for the endemic like the White winged cliff chat, White billed starling, and White collared pigeon, Abyssinian Long-claw, Black headed-sis kin and Black headed-forest Oriole. Overnight stay at Ethio-German Hotel/Debra Libanose.

Day 2. Drive to Jemma valley in search of the endemic Harwood’s Francolin. Proceed to Jimma valley for the localized endemic Harwood’s Francolin. Here in the valley we also looking for the Foxy Cisticola, Lesser kestrel, white-throated seedeater, White winged Cliff chat, White-billed Starling, Erckel’s Francolin, Lammergeyer and different raptors. Then, late afternoon, drive to Debra Brehan. Overnight stay Eva Hotel.

Day 3. Birding around Ankober in search of the endemic Ankober Serine. Then, we continue unto Melka Jebdhu via Aliyu Amba for Yellow throated Serine and other important birds like Marshal Eagle, Giant King Fisher, Shining and African pygmy sunbirds, and different weavers including Village weavers. Overnight stay at Ankober Lodge

Day 4. Drive back to Addis Ababa with an en route birding

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