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Ethnological Tours P10ET


Tour Package Name :      Ethnological tours to the tribes and National parks of Ethiopia
Package Code :      P10ET
Duration :      16 days / 15 night
Category :      Ethnological Tour
Description :      Trip to the western part of Ethiopia, to the tribes of Nuer, Anuak, Dizi and Surma


Day 1. Arrival Addis Ababa. Transfer to your hotel. O/N hotel.

Day 2. Drive to Nekempte, O/N hotel.

Day 3. Drive to Gambela. O/N hotel or camping.

Day 4. Drive to Itang at Baro River, for the Nuer tribes, O/N camping or hotel.

Day 5. Drive to Jikawo, Baro River and Anuak tribes. O/N Camping or hotel.

Day 6. Back to Gambela. O/N hotel.

Day 7. Drive to Tepi. O/N hotel or camp.

Day 8. Drive and Dimma. O/N camping.

Day 9. Cross the Akobo River to Tum visit the Dizi tribes. Camping.

Day 10. Drive to Tulgit for Surma people. O/N Camping.

Day 11. Drive to Kibish, Surma people, O/N camping.

Day 12. Kibish-Kormu-Kibish, Surma people and their village, O/N camping.

Day 13. Drive back to Bebeka. O/N camping or gust house htl.

Day 14. Drive to Jimma. O/N Hotel.

Day 15. Drive back to Addis Ababa. O/N Hotel.

Day 16. City tour of Addis Ababa. Evening departure.

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