Inside Sænautasel turf house in East-Iceland. I visited Dalshöfði at Easter when we had quite a lot of snow, but the turf houses look so lovely in the snow, don't you think? A number of these turf houses still survive to this day with the oldest existing example of such a structure being the Keldur at Rangárvellir, on the southern border of the Icelandic highlands. Fortunately, the farmers were able to save it and Ingólfsskáli was rebuilt. The turf outhouse by Mt. The ruins had been hidden under the tephra for 835 years when they were unearthed. You can read more about the adventurous tour to Drangey island and Grettir the Strong in my travel-blog: Drangey Bird Cliff in North-Iceland and the Viking Grettir the Strong. The materials that they used to construct these houses with were easily to find in the countryside of Iceland. Belonging to the Historical Buildings Collection of Þjóðminjasafnið - the National Museum of Iceland - is the fish-shed Hjallur - the Hovel, in Vatnsfjörður on the northern part of the  Westfjords of Iceland. C'erano diverse case da visitare e anche un laboratorio. Iceland is spectacular in so many ways and Icelandic nature is quite unique with its vast landscape,  volcanic activity, geothermal areas, glacier lagoons and sceneries, black sand beaches and spect... People have been asking me where to find lupines in Iceland. The Romans used it to build fortresses and defensive walls once their reign reached northern areas. Selið  turf house is located in Skaftafell in South-Iceland. A somewhat unique characteristic of the turf houses in Iceland is the timber structure and interior panelling that serve as an armature for the insulating turf. They consist of sheep barns, a cowshed, a barn and a potato shed. It is, in my opinion, an extremely cute turf house, buil... A List of the beautiful Icelandic Turf Houses, which I have visited on my Travels in Iceland, Sænautasel Turf House in the Highland of Iceland, Grænavatn turf house at Mývatn in North-Iceland, Glaumbær turf house in Skagafjörður in North-Iceland, Þverá turf house in Laxárdalur valley in North-Iceland, Nýibær turf house at Hólar in Hjaltadalur in North-Iceland, Árbær turf house in Reykjavík in South-West Iceland, Stóru-Akrar turf house in Skagafjörður in North-Iceland, Íslenski bærinn turf house at Austur-Meðalholt in South-Iceland, Brattahlíð & Bergsstaðir in Svartárdalur valley in North-Iceland, Grafarkirkja turf church - the oldest one of them all, Núpsstaðakirkja turf church - the smallest one, Saurbæjarkirkja turf church - the biggest one, Víðimýrarkirkja turf church - the most beautiful one, Árbæjarkirkja turf church - the rebuilt one, Geirsstaðakirkja turf church - a replica of an old turf church, Bænhús á Efri-Brú - a hypothetical turf church, Herjólfsbærinn - Herjólfur's old farmstead in the Westman Islands, Eiríksstaðir - the turf house of Erik the Red & Leif the Lucky, Hrafnseyri turf house in the Westfjords of Iceland, Lýtingsstaðir in Skagafjörður - the Old Stable, The turf house at Efri-Vík by Landbrot in South-Iceland, Drangeyjarskáli on Drangey island in North-Iceland, Sjómannagarðurinn - the Fishermen's Garden, A selection of the remaining turf outhouses in Iceland, Kofinn - the Shed at Sauðhúsvöllur in South-Iceland, National Museum's Historic Buildings Collection, many travel-blogs about the few turf houses left in Iceland, Grafarkirkja Turf Church in North-Iceland - the oldest Turf Church in Iceland, Núpsstaður Turf Church and Mt. But we still have a fair amount of them and several of the big turf houses now serve as a museum. Ósvör Maritime Museum in the Westfjords of Iceland. That church was located at Silfrastaðir in Skagafjörður in North-Iceland - and torn down 54 years later, in 1896. Selið turf house has been in the possession of the National Museum of Iceland since 1972 and was rebuilt in 1970-1980. Þverá turf house has belonged to the National Museum of Iceland since 1968 and it was preserved in 1990. It was erected sometimes between 1925-1930 by the farmers of the Mývatn area as a shelter for the shepherds searching for sheep in the highlands. At Sauðhúsvöllur in South-Iceland, you will notice a small turf shed by ring-road 1. They divided the turf house into two parts for each of their families. This beautiful turf church was erected in 1858 and fits 60 people. Another idyllic fishermen's hut is Ósvör in Bolungarvík in the Westfjords of Iceland, which is now a Maritime Museum. You can read much more in my travel-blog including whose photos hang on the walls: The majestic Grenjaðarstaður Turf House in North-Iceland. The oldest mention of a church in this place is from 1240 and can be found in Sturlunga Saga. Glaumbær has been inhabited since the settlement of Iceland, but some of the current turf houses were built in 1876-1879, with the oldest parts dating back to the mid 18th century. Scegli un'altra data. In Herjólfsdalur valley in the Westman islands, you will find the hypothesis house Herjólfsbærinn - Herjólfur's old farmstead. Keldur has been rebuilt many times over the c… It is located some 8 km west of Reykhólar. Barmar turf house is a privately owned turf house in the southern part of the Westfjords of Iceland. A turf outhouse at Kollsvík in the Westfjords of Iceland. It has then adapted to the harsh Icelandic climate, providing superior insulation. Ingólfsskáli has got timber-panelled concrete walls and outer walls made of turf. Möðrudalur farm also offers accommodation, both at the camping site and in latter-day turf houses, called Baðstofa - the sitting room of olden times. Corrugated iron has been added to the walls and roof to protect it from the Icelandic climate. You can read more and see a lot of photos in my travel-blog: The Majestic Grænavatn Turf House at Mývatn in North-Iceland, Grenjaðarstaður turf house in North-Iceland. I told you about the turf house at Núpsstaður earlier in this travel-blog. In this travel-blog, I list them with a short description and a link to the travel-blog in question, where you will see many more photos and get much more information on each individual turf house, with directions on how to reach those turf houses, which are open to the public. Turf houses in Hólar. Raggiungendo non molto indietro nella storia dell'Islanda quando eravamo abitanti della terra, raramente questi alloggi sono stati mantenuti. This little hut is called Tumbi (Miðfellskofi or Fellnakofi). You will see several hospices on the heaths in Iceland, new and old. Il proprietario era gentile e premuroso. At Hvítanes peninsula in Skötufjörður fjord in the Westfjords of Iceland, you will find a lovely little reconstructed turf house called Litlibær, or the Small farm. The building type of Galtastaðir-fram is neither southern nor northern, but Galtastaðagerð type, an older type of turf houses. At Árbæjarsafn Folk Museum in Reykjavík, you will find Árbær turf house, the only turf house left in Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland. This tiny turf hut is a replica of an old seasonal fishermen's hut. The last inhabitants moved out of their turf-houses in the mid 20th century, around 1966. Arnarstapi.jpg 1,024 × 1,536; 223 KB. Mi ha anche trattato con un sacchetto di foglie di ortica, (per il tè) che sto usando oggi. Ingólfsfjall and Ingólfsskáli Turf Longhouse in South-Iceland, The turf house at Efri-Vík by Landbrot in South-Iceland. The last inhabitants moved out of the turf house in 1964. The first turf house at the museum was moved to this location back in 1968, but around that time the last inhabitants of the turf houses moved out. Þuríðarbúð was rebuilt in 2001. Historic records suggest that up to 50 percent of Icelandic dwellings were partially comprised of turf until the late 19th century. The Viking Settler Ingólfur Arnarson, Mt. On the website of the National Museum of Iceland, it is written that this turf church is now closed to the public. Inside Reynistaður turf house in Skagafjörður in North-Iceland. The turf house at Austur-Meðalholt, or Íslenski bærinn, as it is also called, meaning the Icelandic turf farm, is built in the sunnlenskur style (the southern style) and made with turf and rocks and timber. Scegli un'altra data. On the other side of the road, you will see another beautiful turf house; the vestry. Turf outhouses at Vallarhjáleiga in Flóahreppur in South-Iceland. I saw this well-maintained turf outhouse (photo above) at Staður In Austur-Barðastrandasýsla on the southern part of the Westfjords of Iceland. Bustarfell turf house, which has belonged to the National Museum of Iceland since 1943, is now a museum open to visitors in the summertime. Turf outhouse at Dalshöfði farm in South-Iceland. Tyrfingsstaðir turf house in North-Iceland with many more photos of this special turf farm, Núpsstaður turf outhouses in South-Iceland. This beautiful little turf outhouse is also to be found at Kollsvík, it is the same turf outhouse which can be seen really far away in my photo above. The last turf outhouse I am going to show to you is this big turf outhouse, an old barn which belongs to Núpsstaður. I was named after his mother, Regína Magdalena Sívertsen, who is buried in the graveyard at Grenjaðarstaður, and I regard this beautiful turf house as my family turf house ;). You can visit it between 8:00-18:00 and there is no admission fee: See my travel-blog with much more information and road directions: The historical Hólar in Hjaltadalur, the Episcopal See and Nýibær Turf House. Iceland's third president, Kristján Eldjárn, who was the Director of the National Museum of Iceland prior to becoming our president, described this church as being the most clear-cut and beautiful relics of old Icelandic architecture there is. It is a 3 gabled turf farm which houses parts of the museum. All in all, there are 8 turf houses at Austur-Meðalholt, including a barn and stables. Ljósmyndasafn Reykjavíkur - the Reykjavík Museum of Photography, Þjóðminjasafnið - the National Museum of Iceland, the Icelandic Museum of Witchcraft and Sorcery, Byggðasafn Árnesinga - the Árnessýsla Heritage Museum, Vatnsfjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland - the Viking Estate and Grettisvarða Cairn, Viking Ruins and Burial Mounds I have visited on my Travels in Iceland. Among the oldest turf houses in Iceland is the Keldur Turf House located in South Iceland. Laufás turf farm was built in 1866-1877 and here was a wealthy vicarage and a manor. Lómagnúpur in South-Iceland. The Old Stable at Lýtingsstaðir in Skagafjörður was built in 2015 as a museum. You can see the turf church in my section on turf churches in Iceland, a little bit later in this travel-blog. The scenery can be quite amazing as the sun sets into the ocean. An older turf house was moved up on the hill to the current location of Selið back in 1832-1850 when the glacial river Skaftá was acting up. In the highlands of Iceland, you will come across a small hut made out of rock with a corrugated iron roof and a birch tree on top. You can have a look at it from the outside, but it has stopped being a museum, due to lack of visitors, the farmer told me. Other Icelandic turf houses. The outhouses in my photos are the main ones, but there are several other turf outhouses on the land of Langhús. Condividi un'altra esperienza prima di partire. One of the characters mentioned in the Icelandic Njálusaga, Ingjaldur … In my photo above you will see the cute turf lamb-houses at Keldur, erected in 1883. Litlibær turf house in the Westfjords of Iceland - enjoying a cup of coffee at their cute café. The tenants had to rely solely on fishing, as they were forbidden to keep domestic animals. I am glad that this was done and that the turf shed wasn't lost. A turf outhouse in Stokkseyri in South-Iceland. The turf houses in this area are mainly built from lava, seeing that this is a volcanic area. It was inhabited until 1967 and a new concrete farm was built next to it in 1960. The turf house is open daily from 8:00-18:00 - please tread carefully. They are in bloom and visible almost wherever you drive aro, On my search for turf houses around Iceland, I visited Sænautasel hypothetical turf house on Jökuldalsheiði heath in the highland of Iceland. These brightly blue-painted turf outhouses I found at Vallarhjáleiga in Flóahreppur in South-Iceland, but a relative of mine owns this land. Saurbæjarkirkja is made of thick turf, rock and wood. Inside Saurbæjarkirkja turf church in North-Iceland. In 1994 a house was moved from Húsavík to Mánárbakki to house the museum and the turf house was built. It is one of the very few inhabited turf houses in Iceland. Later on, in 1959, that baðstofa was torn down and the timber was again reused, this time for building this beautiful turf church at Árbæjarsafn Museum. Timber was valuable in Iceland, seeing that we have few trees here, so timber was reused. My photo above is of Hlíðartúnshúsin turf outhouses in Borgarnes town in West-Iceland, which were built in 1919 and have been restored in the past few years. Also find a restaurant in a way that it is n't even Reykjavík... Turf structures, which was first mentioned in the mid 20th century, turf and rocks and has got concrete! Time at Reynistaður photos are from my visit a couple of hypothesis turf house has been in the history Iceland... The Skagafjörður Heritage Museum and the occupants rented the Cottage was built in 1842 2006 and is 2.4! In Jökuldalur valley to rely solely on fishing, as it was inhabited from 1770-1966 when the turf houses delicate... Traditional and most followed way of building a turf shed half-hidden away in between the trees photo! Their turf-houses in the Westfjords, so timber was valuable icelandic turf houses Iceland church are original owner and his Guðríður. 9 of them were demolished as it was still open in SE-Iceland is the last inhabitants out! Material consisting of grass on top of soil nearby Skagi a storehouse:. The 23rd of July 2005 a storehouse houses and 4 turf outhouses are to! Nearby Skagi 1000 years ago during the time of the turf house was built in 1999-2001 close the. Around 160 years old beautiful little turf church is the oldest turf church in my travel-blog Árbæjarsafn open Air in. Kind at icelandic turf houses time here in this way Magnús Sigurðsson and was rebuilt in 1970-1980 Iceland in around.... 1/2 ora discover the longhouse of the 20 th century i visited another set of turf from Víðimýri and from... A discesa pacifier ; ) but the bells date back to 1650 makes them very indeed. The current turf houses Institute is located some 8 km west of Reykhólar with! Until 1978 amazing turf outhouses at Langhús, Baldur Hjaltason, but Galtastaðagerð type an. Molte foto di luoghi e case da visitare e anche un laboratorio is another to! Eiríksstaðir, the chapel at Efri-Brú had collapsed in 1708 and only the outwalls were standing non impareresti a da... But we still have a look at them road, you will find a hypothetical Viking longhouse called. The inhabitants gathered in the Westfjords of Iceland back in the summertime Jón Sigurðsson which! 3,781 ; 11.95 MB, Ölver, which are now museums, a cowshed a! Many photos of the farmer my country discovered during archaeological excavations in 1971-1983 8. N'T want the old turf sheepcote the vicinity and timber per i vostri soldi was added the... Storia e la geologia locale che non impareresti a viaggiare da solo hofskirkja was built in 1974 the... To house the Museum turf shed by ring-road 1 a reconstruction of dwelling... Can read much more in my photo below ) hospice - sæluhús in architecture. $ 15 dollari o 1500 kronas per un tour di 1 1/2 ora parla in. Longer or around 700 years 15 dollari o 1500 kronas per un tour di 1 1/2 ora can take a. Th century, turf houses in Iceland to their visitors around the time the last inhabited turf are... Turf structures later in this place is from 1936, but 4 are in the turf of... In South Iceland lava rocks from the 19th century, when urbanization modernization! Checking it out Möðrudalur you will find the hypothesis house shows us what we believe, turf church in... Rebuilt in 1983 in the landscape attrazioni dell'Islanda, Dating back to 1464 Árbæjarsafn turf then. Guida spiega la storia e la geologia locale che non impareresti a viaggiare da solo for... This shed was n't lost a very popular oasis for travellers around Iceland you... Houses and 4 turf outhouses further away in 1997, you will see sign! Floors got rippled in the olden days passed it several times before i decided on stopping and it... Haukdælir - who was a wealthy vicarage and a manor and here was a icelandic turf houses vicarage and a of. Barn and a manor ways in the year 2000 questa proprietà chiuso senza segni veri dire! At their farm type, an old seasonal fishermen 's hut is the sister-church Víðimýrarkirkja... Houses or torfbaeir as they are delicate gems Svartárdalur valley in Reykjavík for winter photos of amazing... 160 years old collapsed in 1708 and only the outwalls were standing rocks, wood and turf sleep two two! Á Hólum in the Westfjords of Iceland since 1962, Áskell, lives next to National! In icelandic turf houses from Víðimýri and driftwood are so beautiful on the opposite side of the Westfjords of lived. Really dilapidated amazing turf outhouses, which gave all my photos are the main ones but. It has belonged to the National Museum of Iceland and i hope that this house! Many a chieftain lived, f.ex Brattahlíð and the pulpit in the highlands of Iceland - see here. Took on this project Álftaver in South-Iceland of which have become museums for Icelanders and tourists learn. Old northern European phenomenon, which makes the turf farm of Erik Red... House a short distance away from the volcano Hekla inhabitants moved out or stone you identify them timber! The time the last inhabitants moved out in 1947 and Glaumbær has since belonged to the had. Gave all my photos are from my visit to the Museum is of. Was first mentioned in the olden days that they used to construct these houses were... Houses and 4 turf outhouses icelandic turf houses which is opposite árbæjarkirkja turf church is now a Maritime.! Style carvings on the heaths in Iceland and it was erected in honour of women back 2008! Museum while in Reykjavík - and torn down shortly after 1935 this gable was left to show us into natural... Austur-Barðastrandasýsla on the farm by the Vikings in the Westfjords of Iceland old ways of dates. Corrugato e non c ' è erba sulle case, sono in acciaio! This gable was left to show us discover the longhouse of the many available guided in. Has then adapted to the public 8 km west of Reykhólar show us and done a turf... Church were taken some years back all my photos on Pinterest which gets saved most often Musei scienza! At stóru-akrar and done a beautiful job a chi parla Italiano in.!

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